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So, a friend has offered to do your Makeup..

By Vancouver wedding makeup artist, Iris von Schoening

What do you do when a sibling, friend or relative offers to do your makeup for your wedding day? As a makeup artist of 12 years, I've come across this scenario many times and most often it's best to leave family out of anything really personal like makeup and hair styling. Believe me, it's not worth it to accept this kind offer because you feel obligated or pressured or you don't want to hurt or offend anyone. I'm a hopeless romantic believing in the fairy tale wedding and my wish is for every bride to feel and look absolutely stunning. These days, a wedding in Canada, no matter which the exact location, is a sophisticated production by seriously talented professionals creating flawless events, efficiently and not even that expensively. So why chance it, especially if you're not even saving all that much?Here are a few tips for anyone in this situation:

  1. Remember, it's YOUR wedding! This is one of the most personal aspects of your entire wedding; it's your face. Don't feel obligated! This is definitely one thing YOU should decide for yourself. You have the right to decline. Be gracious, but go with your gut instincts!
  2. Some questions to keep in mind: Are they trained/qualified? Do they have experience applying makeup on others? (It's one thing to have the passion and be able to do beautiful makeup on oneself, but applying it on someone else is quite different.) Do they have the proper products, brushes, tools and supplies? Is there a good selection of colours for your skin tone? Are the products professional quality or drug store brands? Do they use hygienic application techniques? (So you don't end up with pink eye or some other infection!)
  3. If you accept, do (at least) one trial run through. Put your hair up, if you're wearing it up and take photos both inside and outside while wearing white (or ivory etc) clothing. Wear the makeup for a few hours to see how it lasts and if you have any reactions. Doing a trial will also let you see how long the makeup application takes, so you can schedule the morning of your big day.
  4. If you accept, make sure you really like it! If you are afraid to say anything negative for fear of offending, you may end up regretting it. Know what you want or at least know what you don't want and if you aren't happy, say something! If you're not sure, book a trial with a professional bridal makeup artist.. and then decide.
  5. It may be free but is it worth it? It may seem like a good way to save a few dollars, but really this happens once in your life. If anything, your makeup & hair should be as important as your dress and flowers. Remember, your wedding photos will capture the best day of your life and you want to look beautiful; the best you've ever looked! Those photos will be admired & treasured for the rest of your life. Don't cut costs with makeup or hair styling.

Professional eyelash extensions for your wedding day

Eyelash extensions look amazing and feel fantastic. If they're done right. Professional eyelash extensions are the best bet for your wedding day because you're guaranteed a high quality look. Strip lashes fall off regularly and look tacky. The tie and precision that it takes to get gorgeous eyes for your wedding day requires a professional eyelash technician.

Remember that bigger isn't always better when it comes to eyelash extensions for your wedding day. Bulky lashes with too much glue will often damage the natural lashes that they are stuck to. This is a risk that you take with heavy fake lashes. Instead, choose a variety of lengths. This keeps a more natural look and places less stress on your natural lashes.

Always avoid, where possible, long stright lashes. These look obviously fake and can be overpowering and not at all sexy. Be careful with glue too. Glues can become clumpy and painful.

If you're going to use a professional technician you will avoid many of these problems, if not all. Go to a fitting a few weeks before your wedding day. This will give the technician practice on yor eyes and will giv eyou an idea of the way they will look and feel so that you'll have no surprises if new lashes are installed on your wedding day.

Are you Using the Right Nail Polish Color for your Wedding?

When it comes to getting married, a bride pays close attention to every aspect of her appearance. Time and effort are spent choosing the perfect dress, the right makeup, and the ideal hairstyle. Staying in line with all of the other preparations, a bride must also have the perfect nails to display on her wedding day.

Family and friends at your wedding will want to see your ring; and there will certainly be some photographs taken of your hands close up. For this reason, you want to your nails to look as good as they possible can. Heading to the nail salon in the days before your wedding is one way to make sure that you've got perfectly manicured hands, but don't think you have to follow any certain set of rules when it comes to your wedding day nails.

Beautifully manicured nails with a bit of color can make an elegant impression. Here's how to choose a color that's right for your skin tone, regardless of the color of your dress.

Fair skinned brides tend to look best in lighter shades of nail polish to begin with. Neutral shades of nail polish with pink undertones are ideal for the bride. If you are fair skinned and want nails that pop for your wedding, you could opt for subtle or vivid. Subtle could be a French manicure with a strip of silver or gold beneath the white tip. Vibrant wedding nails for the fair skinned bride could be polished a bold red with blue undertones.

Those with olive toned skin look gorgeous in warm hues of gold and shades of sheer brown or beige. Painting your nails in polish with gold or gold undertones, your olive skin is sure to be complimented. You can paint nails red, as long as there are not yellow or green undertones in the color.

Dark skinned brides are the lucky ones when it comes to their wedding day manicure. Darker skin is complimented by a wide range of nail polish colors, including reds and even shades of purple. Even against a white or cream colored dress, dark or vibrant nails will stand out beautifully against dark skin.

Now, one hue that is said to look good on all skin types is a shade of apricot or coral. Opi is one brand of nail polish that is used by professionals in shops across the states, mainly because of the myriad of color options. If you are interested in trying a shade of coral for your wedding day, check out the selection of Opi colors at your nearest salon or beauty supply store.

Brides who want to stay with a mild look on their hands for their big day can opt for a sheer color or a traditional French manicure, while going a little wild on the toes. However, keep in mind that if you go bold on the toes, you should either wear the same color on your hands or wear a neutral shade up top. Two bold colors on your wedding day may be a bit much to stare at.

Chances are, you have had enough experience with nail polish to know what you like and what you don't. Go with your gut and you'll be happy.

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Sexy Makeup for Your Wedding Day

If you choose to wear sexy makeup for your big day, there is one thing you have to remember: there is only a thin line that separates being sexy and overdoing it. You may to want have pouty red lips but not something that looks like it has been bitten by a bee. You may desire to have smoky eyes but not something that looks like you have been hit on the face.

To make sure that you look sexy and beautiful in your wedding makeup without overdoing it, here are some techniques that you should try.

Smooth, silky skin with a glow

Before you are able to create a sexy look with your makeup, the foremost thing you need to do is to have smooth skin. How do you achieve this? The answer is simple: moisturize! This is because makeup will not apply evenly on dry skin. Moreover, it will look caked on and patchy—definitely the opposite of sexy. Be sure to get plenty of sleep and avoid stress as this shows on your skin.

Smoke gets in your eyes…

One of the popular trends in wedding make up is the sexy colored smoky eye. Instead of sticking to gray tones, you can incorporate bright shades such as purples and pinks or something that complements that motif color of your wedding. Alternatively, you can also try a glamorous metallic shade like silver or bronze.

Now, when creating a pair of smoky eyes, one thing you need to keep in mind is that you should go easy on the rest of the make-up like the blush and lipstick. This is not only to ensure that you do not take away the attention from your gorgeous eyes but also so that you do not exceed beyond the visually pleasing sexy quality of your makeup.

Smile a little, blush a little

Ah, the blushing bride! To get this one right, you need to suck in your cheekbones and see where they are located. Highlight your cheekbones with a dab of blush and blend well into the rest of the face. The right amount of blush can give out a really sexy look for the bride.

Natural beauty, sexy indeed!

Smoky eyes and ruby red lips can be sexy but some brides also think it is sexy to have that natural healthy glow that can be achieved with the use of minimal makeup. This is best for flawless smooth skin that is beautiful enough with little or no makeup.

Exotic South Asian look

South Asian makeup is all about bright eyes and lips as well as contrasting colors in makeup. Even if you do not belong to this race, you can still have this kind of makeup if you want to have an exotic sexy look that will surely wow your groom and the guests attending your wedding.

Many brides prefer to have that innocent look for their wedding day but some brides, especially those who are tying the knot in an evening wedding opt to don a dramatic sexy makeup that will surely make them the center of all attention.

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