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Basic Mother-of-the-Bride Considerations

Involving the mother of the bride in planning your wedding events in not only tactful - it is practical: provides an opportunity to learn from someone more experienced (at no charge). She can help you shop for your wedding dress - and she can probably negotiate better than you can!. In exchange, the bride can offer to shop with her for the one she will wear. Yes, it is your day etc etc :-) but it is also her day, in so many ways.. Here are a few other suggestions:

  • Ask for her advice on the guest list.
  • Be sure she is invited and present to every wedding-related event.
  • Important: Reserve the head of the receiving line for her
  • Discuss with her any family heritage that should be included in the ceremony or reception.
  • Extreme care should be taken while choosing the mother-of-the-bride dress. You don't want her dress to outshine the bride or clash with the rest of the wedding party. But then you need to ensure that the perfect color and style - which can be a very complex question complex one. Obviously she wants to look her absolute best, but in a somewhat understated way that does not detract from the special couple. (for some ideas take a look a this Vancouver mother-of-the-bride dresses story)
  • Don't forrget: the bridesmaids will have their own color theme on the gowns and accessories and this also needs to be thought about and coordinated with your mother's outfit etc.

As a rule, the best types of mother of the bride dresses have simple lines and not too many frilly accessories. If your own gown is the traditional white, try to pick a mother-of-the-bride color that compliments it. (all these also apply to the mother of the groom - but we will not discuss those politics in this article!). Except that we strongly different dresses for the bride's mother than the groom's mother!...

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