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Simple Wedding Dresses for the Beach

Imagine you're getting married on a beach, and you insisted on wearing the big, fancy ballgown of your dreams on your big day. As you walk down the aisle, your 3-inch stilettos sink hopelessly into the sand. So you kick them off - only to find that your hem now drags in front of you and is tripping you up. Beneath the sun's beating rays, you find yourself sweating heavily under layers of crinoline. And don't even bother looking behind you - unless you want to see the net of seashells and seaweed you've inadvertently cast with your dragging train!

Naturally, most brides don't need to go through all of the above before they realize the reasoning behind a simple wedding dress for a beach wedding. But what many brides may not realize is that just because a beach wedding dress is simple doesn't necessarily mean it also has to be boring or beach-casual. In fact, a few added frills at the hem, light layers of lace, or beading and embroidery can all be part of a beach wedding dress, making it sophisticated and stylish yet still fuss-free!

The “Cassia” by Adele Wechsler

The “Kelly” by Caroline Calvert

The “Angela” from Paradise Style Group

Alfred Sung Bridal Gowns: the 2009 Signature Collection

One of the best all-around bridal collections, by a Canadian designer, for the 2009 season.

Alfred Sung has three distinct collections: Signature, Pure and Paradise. Signature is the one that stands out. In the words of one reviewer, If you're a bride-to-be who find today's trends in empire waists and A-lines a little too "little girl-ish", these gowns are sexy and sophisticated.

Click the link above for a very good review, visit Alfred Sung's own website, or visit a store near you, to see them up-close-and-personal and even try them own :-) Best way to do that, the Gown Finder on

Too, don't forget that Alfred Sung is of course one of many, very talented Canadian designers. You can have your wedding dress custom made or you can save time and trouble with smomething ready-to-wear (or as the French say, "pret-a-porter"). But either way, you can feel better about shopping locally (while thinking globally), support the economy and still look like a million canadian dollars on your wedding day!

Wedding Attire 101

Okay Canada, so you have made the hard decision about what type of wedding you would like to have. Whether you are planning a wedding in Toronto or a wedding in Vancouver etc, whether it be formal or casual, there are many different ways to be properly attired for your special event. Let's start with the bride's dress. There are many designers that make dresses for different occasions so finding a dress shouldn't be a problem. The first is a simple dress that can be used for a more casual environment like a beach or outdoor garden wedding.

Don't get me wrong. This dress can also be really dressed up with the addition of a few perfect accessories like an ornate choker with matching bracelet and a delicately designed wrap. On the flip side, you can always start with what I like to call "the traditional Catholic wedding dress" shown here. It has long, lacey sleeves and a lengthy train. Often times there is also an extremely long veil. Picture something like what Princess Diana wore on her wedding day to Prince Charles and you have the picture.

A common misconception is that once you establish the bride's dress criteria selecting the groom's is almost effortless, right? Think about it. Women spend days and even months looking for that "perfect" dress and then most grooms just wear a tuxedo, right?. No, this is not true anymore. Men's wedding attire has become a dramatically expanding market. Nowadays, men spend just as much time looking for what their going to wear as their bride does. There are many different formal wear companies that allow you to rent these items. This can be a real budget saver especially since the rental will probably be a one time wear. A good one to check out is Selix Formal wear.

There really aren't too many tuxedo friendly events, you know. Here are some other possibilities to consider other than the traditional tuxedo.

As you can see there are still many other decisions that need to be made. We haven't even touched on the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen yet. Let's do a quick overview of some of their choices for attire.



Finally, think about the flower girl and ring bearer. What are they going to wear? This is usually an easy solution. Many bridesmaid dresses and tuxedos also come in miniature versions. What about the mother of the bride? She is the next most important person in a traditional wedding next to the bride and groom themselves. So, in conclusion, think about these decisions carefully. They can dramatically effect the final visual outcome of your wedding. Be creative, so that you can get a more personalized idea of how you want your special day to play out and most of all, when the day finally arrives, enjoy every moment.

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Bridal Gown Choices - The Never Ending Variety Makes Choosing One An Adventure

For the eager bride who has always dreamed of having the perfect wedding with the perfect bridal gown, it is not at all that difficult these days to find the dress that can make those dreams come true. There has never been such a wide selection of wedding dresses available from which brides can choose, making it possible to find just the right design, fabric, color, and texture to suit any taste and style.

When beginning a search for your 2010 wedding gown, it is a good idea to tap into the considerable resources that are available on the internet and also through the many bridal magazines and books available. It is easy to find stunning pictures of designer wedding dresses that will very quickly give you an idea of what you will find when you set foot inside a wedding dress shop.

Many of today's brides enjoy putting technology to work for them and scouting the internet for various bridal gown styles they think might suite them. But before making a decision, it is strongly suggested that you step away from the computer and get out to at least a few wedding dress shops so that you can try on your special gown first. Even though there are plenty of people who buy many articles of clothing online or from catalogs, that's really not the best way to go for a wedding dress.

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Rosa Clara 2010

Rosa Clará's 2010 wedding dresses are a blend of contemporary and traditional, just skirting the edge of daring. While many of the dresses feature sharp lines and three-dimensional design elements, there is also a recurring theme of sweet, dainty and classic.

Though many of the dresses play it safe, a few stand out with their homage to the elegant sophistication of a legendary Grecian goddess. Here are my favourite picks:

This gown bridges the elegant, sweet design of a classic strapless wedding gown with that of a modern play on the look of the Grecian dress. Its simple upper bodice with light ruching gives the dress its classic feel. However, it's the studded sash that dances just above the hip that gives it a true flare, making it one of the more memorable gowns of the collection.

There is a common thread, literally, among Rosa Clará's newest line. Several of the gowns in the collection featur fringe accents, giving each a liquid flow. With each swish and movement, the addition of the fringe gives each gown more movement than more traditional wedding gowns. This particular gown's empire waist is accented by long, flowing fringe cascading from the seam.

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