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Seasonal Flowers for your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Flowers are an important decision for your wedding ceremony and reception. When selecting flowers, remember that seasonal wedding flowers are sometimes the cheapest and most fragrant.

Some of the best Spring Wedding Flowers are: Some of the best Summer Wedding Flowers include: Some of the best Fall Wedding Flowers are: And finally, our choice of the most stunning Winter Wedding Flowers:

A Bride's Guide to Cheap Wedding Flowers

Weddings are expensive! Nevertheless, Canadian brides want to have the magical day they have always been dreaming of, including the flowers. High end florists can add thousands of dollars onto your wedding budget and for many brides that is not an option without taking out a personal loan. Luckily, there are some tricks that will allow you to have gorgeous flowers at affordable prices.

(photo: The Bloom Room, North Vancouver )

Do you want to save money on your wedding flowers? Check out the following ideas that will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars!


Have your wedding outdoors! There are many parks, gardens and outdoor venues for rent in Ontario, Toronto, Vancouver and Nova Scotia that are lush with flowers and greenery. This will provide all the flowers you actually need for the ceremony, other than your bouquet, bridesmaids' flowers, and the groom and groomsmen's boutonnieres. You will have a beautiful location for your wedding and a gorgeous backdrop that comes in the price of the location rental!


Wholesale flowers are just as beautiful as the ones from an expensive florist. Go to any Canadian farmer's market to find the flowers you want for your big day and then negotiate a price. Have a friend or family member who is great at arranging flowers handle that for the ceremony and reception. The flowers will be gorgeous and fit right into your budget!

Take Bids

Did you know you can post an ad on Craigslist or even in the newspaper looking for florists? Ask for each florist's best quote and you will be surprised at the affordable quotes you are given. Many flower designers work for expensive florists, but will freelance on the side for much less and give you the same quality flower arrangements!


Go green, literally, for your wedding flowers! Use mostly greenery, which is much cheaper than flowers. Then, you will need fewer flower arrangements and they will stand out more with all the greenery. Cheap, easy, and still absolutely beautiful!

You can have your dream wedding filled with the flower arrangements you want. Just think how you can include some of the ideas mentioned here in your wedding planning so you have the beauty of flowers at a price that won't bust your budget!

Story by Laura Rupert Garcia