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Trends in Wedding Invitations

What is the latest trend in wedding invitations today? Do you need some wedding invitation ideas? Surprisingly, it's a process that has been around for over 550 years. The process called the Guttenberg letterpress is crawling back into the wedding invitation norm.


So, what does letterpress look like? Letterpress is often confused with expensive engraved wedding invitations because both processes result in elegant embossed surfaces. Engraved invitations are recessed and inked, while letterpress results in raised letters that are also inked.

Papillon Press - An introduction to letterpress printing from Papillon Press on Vimeo.

Since engraved invitations use an etching panel, the results are somewhat limited and plain. The letterpress process enables the printer to be considerably more creative. Textured papers and varied backgrounds may be used with letterpress. Letterpress is an involved process and usually expensive. The bride must decide if she wants to fit the extra cost of letterpress wedding invitations into her budget.

The paper for letterpress wedding invitations can be quite stunning. A few choices available are imported textured paper from England, textured papers that use silk ribbon, dried grasses and flowers and flecks of gold.

The Matter of Taste

Wedding Invitations should be indicative of the hosts' taste as well as what a guest can expect. A good invitation will make you want to go.

Today's invitations are often elaborate (employing everything from cleverly crafted brown paper bags to faille moire embellished with crystallized beads and jewels) and costly ($25 each is not unusual). The biggest production numbers are hand-delivered; those sent through the mail are boxed and require special handling. The postage alone can be obscene but receiving invitations or announcements should be an event.

A few Myths about Wedding Invitations

Those that are true sticklers for etiquette may feel that engraved wedding invitations are the only way to go. The truth of the matter is that thermography printing has improved so much that the only visible difference between the two is the dent on the back of the invitation and your purse.

Many people think that writing up an order for wedding invitations is easy and will take just a few minutes. Actually, it can take several hours to find the right words and type setting.

People assume that extra envelops will be included with the wedding invitation order. Wrong. You must order extra envelops in advance.

Wedding Invitations Pitfalls and Myths

There are many myths and misconceptions concerning the wedding invitation. It is a good idea to explore available options for the wedding invitation and what alternatives are acceptable. Consider a few of the wedding invitation myths listed below.

  • Myth #1: many people will tell you that an engraved invitation is the only proper option to consider. They believe the quality of thermographed invitations are terrible.
    In reality, thermography printing has improved so much that even the top sellers of engraved invitations now offer thermography. The only visible difference between thermography and engraving is the dent on the back of your invitation and in your pocketbook.
  • Myth # 2: Many people also believe that wedding invitations only take about 15 minutes to write. They are surprised to find that it takes several hours to find the right combination of words and type styles. Using a professional will make this process go easier.
  • Myth #3: People also think extra envelopes come automatically with their order. You will have to order extra envelopes.

Pitfalls to avoid

  • Pitfall #1: Under-ordering invitations. If you guess wrong, the set up charge to reprint will be tremendous. Ordering extras is much more cost effective because the set up charge for additional orders is the same as the original order. Also, you may risk not being able to match the ink with the original order.
  • Pitfall #2: Mail- order snafus. Mail-order invitations offer great prices but you get what you pay for. Sometimes the composition is off and mistakes can occur.
  • Pitfall #3: When invitations are just a sideline. Many companies entice you to order wedding gowns or purchase photography but only offer 10%-20% discounts. The problem is that many of these businesses are inexperienced with invitations.
  • Pitfall #4: Last minute changes. Most invitations are faxed or mailed within 36 hours which makes it difficult to make changes in the order.
  • Pitfall #5: The old switcheroo. Some dealers are desperate to compete with lower cost alternatives and use tricks to discount the brands to brides. One common example is to swap the envelope by getting some engraved envelopes but substitutes cheaper ones without telling you.
  • Pitfall #6: The revenge of the etiquette police. Sometimes the stationer will change the invitations to conform to proper etiquette as they see fit. The only way to stop this problem is to say you want the wording to be exactly the way it is including the capitalization.
  • Pitfall #7: Pet postal peeves. Some postal offices regard bulk rate as low priority and some invitations arrive six weeks after the wedding. If you start adding maps, response cards or other enclosures, the postage bill soars. So getting everything weighed will help you get a general idea of the cost before you buy those cute little love stamps.
  • Pitfall #8: Outrageously priced accessories. The secret to the money-making machine behind mail-order catalogs is to have reasonably low invitation prices, the prices on accessories can go through the roof.

By keeping up with the latest trends with wedding invitations in Canada and arming herself with general knowledge for buying invitations, the bride can be assured to have the ordering process go smoothly.