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Winter Wedding Ideas: Sparkling Hair Accessories

Intimidating, expensive and downright scary. Choosing an engagement ring to give to the bride-to-be can shake the core of even the most confident man. Keeping with tradition, a future fiancée should purchase the engagement ring alone and present it as a surprise gift and symbol of the upcoming marriage. Walking into a shiny, sparkling jewelry store with guards at the door and seasoned sales ladies behind the counter doesn’t have to make you sweat if you follow these three simple pre-shopping tips.

First; prepare yourself financially. Engagement rings are very expensive, especially diamond rings which are the norm.We are not talking imported beer expensive or nice groomsmen gifts expensive, but expensive as in a large monetary number requiring a comma to separate the digits! Standard protocol says that an engagement ring should cost three times your monthly salary. While this is a figure put out there by the diamond industry, using your own best judgment on affordability is the best choice. However, do realize that this is a ring that she will presumably be wearing for a lifetime.

Second; educate yourself on the lingo that jewelry stores use before sitting down to look at rings. This way you will not be sold a ring that you later find out you (or she) didn’t want. You will need to familiarize yourself with the “4 Cs” of diamonds – clarity, color, cut, and carat weight. Also, you will want to know the various metals used for the ring and setting such as gold, platinum and titanium and more. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to be versed in the setting types such as prong, channel, bezel and pave among others. Go to the library and check out a book on this if you feel overwhelmed!

Third; before shopping, do some covert investigative work to figure out what type of ring she might like. This is a gift for the bride, after all! Do you see her “oohing and ahhing” at her girlfriend’s rings or perhaps she has blatantly pointed out what she likes in a magazine. You can always invite a friend or family member who knows her well to come along and offer opinions.

Shopping for the engagement ring, like planning your engagement photos, is only the beginning of your pre-wedding planning and shopping rituals. Shopping for a tuxedo, gift for the bride and groomsmen gifts will also need to be accomplished in due time. Once you’ve got shopping for a hard-to-please bride down, searching for the groomsmen gifts and other wedding items will be a piece of cake. The great thing about giving groomsmen gifts (as opposed to an engagement ring) is that men usually like anything you give them! Plus, your bride will always be happy to accompany you and give her opinion about your groomsmen gifts.

Canadian Winter Wedding Ideas

Even though we 're in Canada, there seems to be a shortage of winter wedding ideas out there. Perhaps, having to deal with snow and cold, on an every day basis, Canadians are not quite as impressed by any of it - so a winter wedding is more of a chore than an actual novelty :-) That would explain why most winter wedding ideas to be found online are on US or even Australian(!) websites..

Still, if you are contemplating a winter wedding, with so many other activities happening this time of year, how can you pull off your winter nuptials so that they are memorable and not reminiscent of an office Christmas party? Here are some great tips for putting together that perfect winter wedding. Click the title link above, for the full story.

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