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Winter Wedding Cupcakes

So you’ve decided that you want a cupcake wedding cake for your winter wedding. The only problem is, you’ve always associated cupcakes with springtime tea parties and summer picnics!

Cupcake wedding cakes can fit into a winter wedding just as easily as a warm weather wedding – it’s all in the way they’re decorated.

Instead of scattering spring and fall coloured blossoms around the cupcakes, try topping the treats with tiny silver balls and other sparkly sprinkles in colours such as gold, silver, white, and ice blue.

Winter wedding cupcakes don’t have to be winter white only, however. Chocolate cupcakes look strikingly sweet when frosted with frothy white icing.

The following cupcakes courtesy of Patricia’s Cake Creations are perfect variations on the winter wedding theme...!

These decadent cupcakes are topped off with sparkling snowflakes that will tempt your guests into trying more than just one!

Especially if you’re having a Christmas wedding, nothing could make your guests feel more special than these oh-so-prettily-packaged cupcakes wrapped in a ribbon of icing and topped with candy pearls.

This snowball cupcake will especially appeal to anyone who loves lots of frosting, so long as a snowball cupcake fight doesn’t break out!

Wedding Cake Topper Designs

Wedding Cake Toppers are a vital aspect of your wedding reception decor. They can often be a depiction of the happy couple. This involves the wedding cake topper sculptor working with a photo to produce a likeness. However, there are many other designs of wedding cake toppers to consider.

wedding cake topper

Another popular alternative is to having the wedding couple not standing side by side, but to have a scene depicted. This scene often shows the groom being dragged back to the alter by an angry and persistent bride.

wedding cake topper

Some wedding cake toppers will also show a heavy set groom or bride falling through the top tier of the cake. This is often a humorous take on the individual couple. But be careful that nobody is offended by this if you choose to use this design.

wedding cake topper

Alternatively, try using natural products as your wedding cake topper. Flowers are also very common. As is lettering. But some of the most effective wedding cake toppers are shells, nuts, and cones that can be found on beaches and under trees. The natural aspect makes these wedding cake toppers very unique.

Wedding Cakes in the GTA

Wedding Cake designers in Toronto are offering up some fantastic alternatives to the stale, original wedding cake. Some are so intricate that cake designers are now starting to be called "Cake artists" or "Sugar Artists".

Some of the best choices of Wedding Cakes in Canada are found in the GTA. The Bonnie Gordon School in Toronto has been churning out fantastic Wedding Cake Designers for some years now. The school itself is a great edition to Culinary Toronto.

These are just some of our favourite wedding cake designs coming out of the Greater Toronto Area this year. Stay tuned for more!!

New Trends In Vancouver Wedding Cakes

Last weekend I visited the opening of a new Wedding Cake Bakery on the outskirts of Vancouver. Some of the cakes were just amazing. I didn't realise that people are actually using so many different designs and not going with the standard two tier cake anymore. I think it used to be that the top tier was for the First Anniversary? Christine, the owner was giving out free samples as part of a tasting day and we all got to try the different flavours and icings.

It's interesting that vancouver wedding cakes have become so artistic nowadays. I even did some research and found out that some cake decorators are actually called "Sugar Artists" (maybe they gave themselves this name though). There are even Schools and Degrees just in Cake Design. The Bonnie Gordon School in Toronto & The Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver are probably the two best known and most respected.

What's really incredible though is the use of colour. Instead of drab and boring tonals, designers are encouraging people to choose shades that really stand out. Like this one from an artist in Downtown Vancouver.

Or some brides have actually been known to match their cake design to the decor, in order to maintain a "Theme" in the Wedding.

I found these photos last night. The one just above with the Chinese Symbols apparently means "Double Happiness". But all the flowers etc. were designed and sculpted with sugar! There's also a "Topsy Turvy" design which is really clever. The cake actually looks like its about to fall over or slide apart. It's a really nifty design and apparently something that a lot of people are doing.

Finding the right wedding cake designer in vancouver hasn't been very easy. But probably the simplest place that I found during my little search was at this Directory because you can serach by location and service.

Wedding Trends 2009: Cupcakes for Wedding Cakes

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With the new year fast approaching, you will hear a lot of predictions about 2009 Wedding Trends. Just like runway fashion shows where some of the trendy clothes designed by talented couturier will catch on and some will fall out of favor, wedding trends are also subject to public approvals. We will talk about predictions of 2009 wedding trends, but bear in mind that these are just for information only. Use them as guides as you plan your 2009 wedding. Remember that your wedding should be a reflection of who you are and what feels right for you and your groom. If any of these trends appeal to you, then go for it.

Cupcakes for Wedding Cakes

We will present one or more 2009 wedding trends in our blog for the next few days. Our first emerging trend today is using cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake in your wedding reception... [ full story on ]

Guide to Choosing a Wedding Cake

Canada has many bakeries that make beautiful wedding cakes that taste delicious, so finding the right baker for your wedding cake will be easy because there are so many to choose from. Of course, not every Canadian bride has the same taste in wedding cakes, so trying a few bakers out first really makes sense.

Do you know how to find the best wedding cake baker for your big day?

Tip #1 Beauty One of the most important things about the cake is its style and beauty. Find a baker who is willing to follow your idea of the wedding cake you want. When you find a baker who understands what you want and is willing to follow through on your plan for the perfect wedding cake then you have found a winner!

Tip #2 Taste
The next important aspect of the wedding cake is its taste. You want it to look beautiful, but then taste good when your guests bite into it. Set up appointments with several bakers to sample their cakes to find the one that you like the best.

Tip #3 Cost
Most Canadian brides have a budget for their wedding cake. So, always let the baker know up front what you are willing to pay. Then, the baker can show you what he/she is capable of doing for you within your budget. This will keep everyone on the same page and no surprise charges, either!

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