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Wedding Reception Chair Covers

Every wedding reception needs to have decor that makes the event special and unique. An easy way to change the colour scheme is to alter the bows and ribbons that adorn your chairs and table settings.

Some Calgary chair cover rentals agencies can give great tips on how to arrange your chair covers to match decor alternatives and Wedding Centerpieces. If you're stuck on ideas contact a professional wedding decorator in your city for tips and tricks that are sure to get your reception venue looking stellar.

There are many different types of wedding chair covers. They can come in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and styles. some can be matched with decor, however be careful not to choose colours that seemingly match but look awkward under different lights.

Wedding Centrepieces 101

All weddings are different and unique. Accordingly, your wedding centrepieces should be a special addition that adds flair and sass. Below, we will explore how wedding centrepieces are used and the best ways for you to employ them as an addition to your wedding reception.

Ideas for wedding centrepieces are very varied. Some will be elaborate, elegant and sophisticated. However, more often a simple wedding centrepiece is much more effective. Either way, they are an important aspect of your wedding reception dinner.

While it is tempting to have very elaborate wedding centrepieces, try not to overdo things. DIY wedding centrepieces can be very effective. In many cases they are fresh and innovative and will almost never be copies of the traditional designs and styles. They also add individual flair that respects the relationship and personalities of the newlyweds.

Where to get DIY Wedding Centrepieces?

There are many suppliers of DIY wedding centrepieces. Most, offer affordable and flashy alternatives to traditional wedding centrepieces and can also give you kits and ideas about how to use products. Using a professional wedding planner will be helpful when designing DIY wedding centrepieces. They will offer very practical advice about matching and clashing decor.

Some of the most popular wedding centrepieces use flowers. This can include, but is not limited to, dried and potted flowers. Most flowers used are seasonal, but imports can also be bought which means you really can use any flowers you like at your reception. Professional florists and flower arrangers will be good to talk to when coming up with floral wedding centrepiece ideas.

Edible wedding centrepieces are another great alternative. In many cases, these are interactive as guests will consume them during the reception or perhaps after dessert. They can make the end of the reception more engaging and memorable in many cases. We suggest adding them to colourful favour boxes which can be taken home.

Be sure to choose wedding centrepieces that show off YOUR individuality and style.

Great Candle Ideas for your Wedding

By using flameless candles you don't have to worry about fire hazard or wax spills on your tables. They are made of real wax but they never melt.

You can use Flameless Candles as centerpieces on the tables. A few of them together (see picture 1) with flowers, satin, lace or tulle to match the bride's dress will make a spectacular centerpiece.

The micro and mini flameless candles can be inscribed with both your names and the date of your wedding. They make a wonderful keepsake for your guests that will last forever.

Also with those micro and mini flameless candles, you can ask the celebrant to dim the lights a little at the end of the wedding and then, as you walk out, everybody can light them up.

You can decorate the church or the hall with the flameless candles. For example, you can trace a path on the floor leading to the altar with the flameless candles. Something you cannot do with real candles.

Keep in mind that you will have those candles forever so, after the wedding, you can use them in your own home. They will look great around the bathroom (picture 2), in the bedroom, in the living room or on your dinner table (picture 3).

Chairs with Flair | Vancouver Chair Covers

Chairs with Flair is a Vancouver chair cover rental & supply company whose founder and staff helped introduce chair cover rentals to Vancouver in 1994. What began with a simple spandex fitted cover and a gold sash has now evolved into a product line with variety of chair cover styles and sizes, plus sashes in over twenty two colours and counting!

With available stock in the thousands, the “Chairs with Flair” team is always ready and able to accommodate Vancouver's demanding wedding scene. Their claim to fame has always been efficient, reliable service at an affordable rate - they still have the same prices they started with in 1994! Their rental rates are all inclusive which means no “hidden” costs to the customer. But they also offer a “do-it-yourself” rate to anyone wanting to take on the décor themselves. (This is great if you are trying to stick to a budget.)

While they mainly supply covers to weddings, Chairs with Flair is also very active in Vancouver's busy corporate and conference scene. As a preferred supplier to many of the city's top hotels, Chairs with Flair has decorated functions for high ranking government officials, elite European wine families, and even a prince or two!

Having been in the “biz” for as long as they have, the “Chairs” team is familiar with most Lower Mainland venues. As a result, they can tell you what cover style and size works best on which chairs. If they haven't worked at a particular venue, all they require is a photo of the chair in question to determine what would work best. Having said all this, they still insist on an onsite fitting wherever there is any doubt just to ensure you get the proper fit at your reception.

While chair cover styles and fabric options continue to change every season, Chairs with Flair continues to keep it basic. Their philosophy is simple: a classic never goes out of style. Clean, crisp lines create the backdrop; the embellishments create the look. Their fabrics and chair cover styles are no nonsense. Yet, their sashes and accessories really make the covers pop! Whether you prefer a white cover with a simple white spandex band or a black cover with a fuchsia sash, Chairs with Flair has you covered. Keep it simple, make it bold, create elegance or casual appeal. They can do it all!

When you think Vancouver chair covers, think

Choosing a Theme for Your Wedding

By Nancy Johnston

Theme weddings are great! Imagine the dramatic effect of a medieval costume wedding held in a castle by candlelight. Or how about an intimate nautical wedding aboard a yacht at sunset? Sunset Bay Yacht Charters can help you out with that theme.

These are just a few of the many themes you might want to consider for your own wedding ceremony.

Colour themes are always popular, with black and white, all white and pink being chosen the most but unless the theme is all white, it is never appropriate to wear white. The bridesmaid's dress colour is another option, as is the colour of the flower or gemstone for the month you plan to marry.

Even if colour is not your main theme, you will need to consider it as a sub theme so you can tie the dresses and flowers together and provide continuity.

Other popular themes are beach or seaside, sports, seasonal holidays such as Valentine's Day, historical, cultural, country and western, flower, celestial, gondola, helicopter, underwater, patriotic, and military or motorcycle to name just a few. If you think your theme is too crazy but it's what you both want, consider getting married in Las Vegas where they have probably seen every kind of outlandish theme done at least once! When it comes to theme weddings, basically if you can dream it, it can then become your theme.

Wedding Theme Ideas

A wedding can be the most rewarding experience that a couple can have together. It can also be the most mind-bending torture trying to decide on a theme that is appropriate for both you and your fiance. Don't worry! You are not alone. Here a few theme ideas that may alleviate some of this unnecessary stress and allow you to concentrate on the more important, fun, things.

Go Asian

The Asian culture (editor says: what the heck is "asian" culture??) has some of the most intricate designs available today. They can very easily be applied to a wedding. For example, choose a nice fabric to tie a bow around glass votive candles on your guests' tables or chair tops. The later is especially nice if you choose to also cover the chairs with different fabric. Many flowers can be interpreted as having an Asian theme e.g. Orchids or Lilies. Another idea is to have custom, wooden, chopsticks made with the groom and bride names, as well as their wedding date. You can also include a nice quote or wedding statement. This information can be printed on the outside of the chopstick itself, so your special day will never fade away, even with lots of use. These are inexpensive and can be purchased in both small and large quantities. They also pack a great punch with your guests in the area of originality. Your invitation can also be a good source for an Asian influence.

Go Tropical

Although there are many beautiful locations in Canada, this is a common theme choice. It is always a reliable go to and can accommodate any size wedding from a small gathering with just a few friends all the way to a huge hotel full of guests. This is usually a laid back, bask in the sun on their honeymoon on some random beautiful tropical island somewhere type of couple. Have you considered a Hawaiian Luau? How can you go wrong with that? Many vacation packages can also be purchased in advance for a large discount.Many vacation packages can also be purchased in advance for a large discount. Sandals is a reputable company and can assist you with all of your wedding arrangements. You can view their site here

Go Formal

Formal gatherings can sometimes be very "stuffy", if you are not careful. You DO NOT want your guest to feel intimidated. You DO want you guests to be astounded at the beauty and grace that is displayed during your special day. In conclusion, I hope that these ideas may have helped you to get one step closer to making the hard decision of a theme. Remember that it is not written in stone and you can change your mind at any time during the process, however, for monetary reasons it may be a good idea to find one and stick with it. You know buying new invitations every few weeks or even months can cost a pretty penny.

Story by Carol Callahan

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