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Personalised Plastic Cups as Wedding Favours

Custom plastic cups are a great idea for your wedding reception. They are bright and colourful, sturdy and weather-proof. Not to mention, a great little entertainer for the kids. Personalised plastic cups make a great wedding favour and can be a practical and useful addition to your outdoor wedding reception.

Some wedding favours are very stylised but not very functional. Personalised platic cups as wedding favours are much more practical. If they have handles they are seldom dropped which means no broken glass in the reception hall.

The finish on plastic cups has improved greatly over the last few years to the point where you can get a finish on them that is much the same as polished porcelain.

Because they're so sturdy, they will also last a long time and people will be remembering your wedding day as they take a sip for years to come. All in all, personalised cups are a great way to keep your wedding fun and down to earth. Personalised plastic cups can be found at many Wedding Favour Suppliers in Canada.

Wedding Stickers - Sticky Little Sentiments

Wedding stickers are sticky little sentiments you can affix to packages, invitations, favors, thank you notes and scrapbooks. Make a personalized statement with unique wedding stickers on all your accessories.

Grab your guests' attention immediately with eye-catching wedding stickers on your invitations. Enclose a sticker to close the RSVP envelopes. Add pizzazz to your invites with attractive wedding stickers. Stacked monogram stickers are a stylish way to close envelopes. Formal invitations look more professional with wedding rings deep embossed stationary seals.

Your favors are more expressive with themed wedding stickers applied to each one. Your guests will remember your special day by your favor with a custom sticker. Ornamental baroque monogram stickers personalize any favor with your monogram and names.

Wedding stickers are a creative way to affix photos and memorabilia into scrapbooks and journals after the day is over. Each moment comes to life with special stickers. A destination wedding album is irresistible with flip flop shaped stickers including your names on the corner of each page.

Children always appreciate stickers and a wedding is no exception. Have whimsical “thanks for bee-ing here” stickers on hand to give to kids so they can have fun decorating everything and each other.

Weddings have a variety of different themes. Couples work hard to think of the right theme and include it in every aspect of their wedding. Incorporate your theme into any space with wedding stickers.

  • beach weddings with a barefoot couple in the sand are expressed with beach towel stickers bearing your names on all the favors;
  • seafaring weddings on boats should have boat flag stickers on all the favors to celebrate your nautical nuptials;
  • if you release butterflies at your fabulous garden wedding, you can have butterfly shaped stickers as embellishments on all your accessories;
  • add a fun-loving touch to your informal garden wedding with cute love bugs leaf shaped stickers for your favors and scrapbooks;
  • Vegas style weddings and marriages in Las Vegas are increasingly popular and you can express how you've hit the jackpot already with jackpot stickers on all your accessories;
  • regardless of cultural background, many couples choose a peaceful Oriental theme for their wedding and you can capture its essence with cherry blossom stickers;
  • Cinderella fairy tale weddings are complete when you affix once upon a time stickers on your wedding favors and decorations; and
  • Match the rich, colorful theme of your Indian wedding with Indian theme stickers on all your accessories.

Great Ideas for Your Wedding Reception Favors

Your wedding reception favors are meant to be little tokens of appreciation that thank your guests for coming to your wedding and sharing in your special day. They are generally small, yet thoughtful items that serve some sort of purpose even after the wedding is over. Wedding reception favors typically have the names of the bride and groom along with the wedding date printed or engraved on each item or placed in a box or container that is labeled with this information. While your wedding reception favors do not have to be extravagant, they do need to express your appreciation in a simple and thoughtful way.

One of the most popular wedding reception favor ideas are candles with candleholders. These can be in the form of decorative little votives or larger pillar style candles. One of the best reasons to use candles with candleholders is that they can also double as wedding reception table decorations. Placing the lighted candles on the table will add to the overall ambience of the table and also give it that extra special touch of style. Make sure, however, that your guests realize that the candleholders are there for them to take with them when they leave.

Another popular choice for wedding reception favors are decorative boxes or containers filled with chocolates, mints, or other candies. You can choose any type of container you like and have them sitting on top of the plates at each place setting or on a large table near the door. Pretty little tins, glass vases, ceramic plates, miniature baskets, mesh bags, take-out boxes, fabric pouches, flower pots, or anything else you can think of can be filled with little treats. Choose chocolate candy kisses, pastel mints, candy coated almonds, or specially engraved candy hearts to fill the containers with and attach decorative tags or stickers on them to indicate to your guests that they are there for them to take home.

You can also give wedding reception favors that are a little more meaningful and that your guests can use after the wedding. This might include decorative bottle stoppers, engraved key chains, cute little photo frames, paperweights, magnets, or entire gift bags filled with a variety of goodies. No matter what your budget, you can find individual wedding reception favors that will tell your guests you appreciate them for joining you and your new spouse on your special day.

Another Great Spring Wedding Favour

I dunno why, but this watering can is striking all the right cords with me.

I mean it is
  • Green
  • Light
  • Spring-like (gardening, blooms, life)
  • Different
  • Customizable, personalizable
  • Cheap!

What else could I want from a spring wedding favor? I found it on the Beautiful Day weddingstar store.

Spring Wedding Favour Ideas

Spring is the perfect time to begin to plan weddings. The ground has thawed, and new signs of life are everywhere. Refreshing fragrances, colors and textures are all around us! Spring is one of the easiest times to plan a wedding, and is the perfect time to plan our spring wedding favor ideas for our wedding theme.

A great color theme to go with would be pastel greens, beige, tan and earthy colors, therefore some popular ideas for spring wedding favors include seed favors, egg themed favors, flowers and edible items. If your wedding takes place closer to Easter you can amalgamate an Easter theme with your spring wedding and hide your chocolate wedding favors at the reception. Seeds can be purchased from any garden store and can be place in favor boxes a lot with peat pucks and wrapped in tulle. Flower bulbs or could also be used as a unique spring wedding favor idea by placing in favor bags and labeling with each guests name for the reception. Baby's breath and dwarf evening primrose are excellent flower choices, while daffodils and daisies are a decorating staple for the spring wedding. Miniature bonsai trees, while somewhat costly, can prove to be excellent wrapped favor ideas for spring weddings. Flower topped favor bubbles can help promote the spring wedding theme idea. Simply use the flower of choice to decorate your bottle caps. This will really accentuate the spring wedding them especially if flower petals are used in the ceremony.

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Tired of the Candy Bar?

Just a few years ago, having a luxe candy bar at weddings was all the rage. But now this idea seems a bit overdone. Still, people love being surprised with a second chance at dessert after the wedding cake is served.

So how do you keep them happy while still being full of surprises?

Instead of a candy bar, you can easily and inexpensively create your own donut bar. Donuts are a tasty, different and always welcome late-night treat (especially if there's alcohol being served!). Before the wedding, go to your local donut store and stock up on a wide variety of flavors and colors, ordering about two donuts for every guest (assuming some will eat more than one and some might not have any, it should balance out). Go crazy with sprinkles and colored icing-you want as much visual appeal as is possible.

Then, have your caterer artfully arrange the donuts on silver platters and cake stands. Toss colored flower petals or ribbons around the display. Buy fun pink pastry boxes (enough for 1-2 donuts) so guests can take them home if they don't want to eat them on the spot. This sweet sugary treat is destined to please!

Story by Victoria Sprow

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Fall Wedding Tips

You've got your wedding dress. You've chosen your wedding photographer, tasted 100 different wedding cakes, picked your fall wedding favours and you've mailed out your save the date magnets and wedding invitations. Any chance you can keep to your budget as you put the final touches on your wedding decorations? Absolutely. Here are five fall wedding budget decorating tips to help you do exactly that.
  • Fall Wedding Budget Decorating Tip #1: Take Advantage of Nature

    One of the most often cited reasons for choosing a fall wedding is the outdoor beauty that defines the season: the gorgeous shades of scarlet, pumpkin oranges, rustic browns and reds create a fiery sunset whether your choose a morning, afternoon or evening fall wedding. Take advantage! Maximize nature. Choose an outdoor location for your fall wedding near a wooded area right after the leaves change, somewhere with tree-lined mountains in the background. There need not be a church or reception area. There need only be chairs divided into two groups creating a natural aisle and facing in the direction of the most brilliant vista view, the foreground of which will be lit up by the bride and groom.
  • Fall Wedding Budget Decorating Tip #2: Make Centerpieces Serve Double Duty

    You can maintain your fall wedding budget by hundreds when you make your wedding centerpieces serve double duty as wedding favors as well. Pyramids that break apart into gifts for each place setting, baskets full of wedding favor gifts, and other arrangements that easily transition into individual wedding favors at the end of your fall wedding reception are the best way to bring beauty to your day and savvy to your budget. Create fall centerpieces that allow your wedding guests to take home a little piece of your special day.
  • Fall Wedding Budget Decorating Tip #3: Harvest Themed Weddings

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