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Your Toronto Wedding DJ

The tone of your wedding reception will be pivotal to the type of DJ you decide to use on your special day. While some DJs have fantastic libraries of songs. Others will be able to sing or play instruments. All these variables should be considered when selecting a wedding DJ in Toronto.

Never use an amateur DJ. While this is tempting to cut down on costs. It is always better to use a professional DJ from the Greater Toronto Area. they are much better at reading the audience and have a good grasp of when to play songs that get people up and dancing. Use them!

If you're ever in doubt about where to place the DJ in your reception Hall, ask them :-)

DJs know how sound waves travel and where to music will be at its loudest. Consult with them beforehand, don't just let them arrive on the day. This is a very important but often overlooked aspect of Wedding Reception Entertainment.

Finding the Best Music / DJ for your Reception

DJs are popular because of the wide selection of songs and music. However, make sure the DJ you choose is both experienced and fun. Don't forget to select musicians that can play a variety of songs, from slower traditional to '50s and rock and roll to faster contemporary music for dancing. It is important that you make a list of songs you would like played and give it to the bandleader. Try to have a good mix of fast and slow songs. The bandleader or DJ will be able to help you with your selections, if needed. Also, go over the timing of important announcements, such as the grand entrance, the first dance, cutting the cake, and throwing the bouquet and garter. Be sure to confirm that the DJ is willing to play the songs you have in mind.

You can find musicians by asking friends or relatives, caterers, wedding consultants, or clergy�man, or by checking the yellow pages or musicians' union in your area. If the reception is held in a hotel or restaurant, the manager may be helpful with music suggestions.

Interview a few groups before making a final decision and be sure to hear them play at an event or listen to a videotape or their CD.

  • Be sure to ask potential bands and DJs the following questions:
  • How many hours will they play?
  • How many and how long will their breaks be?
  • Do they have recorded music that can be played during the breaks?
  • Can they recommend a good wedding song for your first dance? (even if you don't need that, it shows you their experience and how well they understand weddings!)
  • What will they wear?
  • Will they also act as emcee?
  • Can they sing? Not kidding, some of them are actually really good at it, which adds a great dimmension to your fun :-)
  • Do they need special equipment? Chairs, tables, risers?
  • Do they require special lighting? And if so, does it blend with your overall reception theme and feel?
  • Does your reception site have the required electrical outlets?
  • Who will be doing the setting up?

Music is a very personal thing for many couples, so great must be taken to find a delicate balance between what is appropriate and your personal tastes. Look for lists of wedding music for ideas.